Food Safety and Hygiene, Level 1

Key Features & Benefits of this Course

  • Course Duration: 45 minutes
  • Compliant with The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006
  • CIEH Assured
  • Multi Choice Test and Certificate
  • Bulk discounts available

This programme is for employees who work where food is prepared or sold, and provides a very good appreciation of food hygiene.

‘Glad to have done this course as the last time I took a food hygiene course was a long time ago. Thank you.’
Independent user review

Who is this for?
Anyone who works where food is sold or prepared.
How long is the course?
45 minutes of interactive training

You will learn:

1. Food poisoning

You will learn how to spot the signs of contaminated food, how to minimise the risks of contaminating food yourself and how food gets contaminated.

2. Personal Hygiene

This is a step by step guide to ensure that you minimise the chance of contaminating food, including exactly how to most effectively wash your hands, what protective clothing to wear and when you should stay away from food. You will learn which diseases carry bacteria and how long you should keep away from working with food for if you are ill.

3. Cross-contamination and Standards of Cleanliness

You will learn how easily contamination spreads from one thing, such as a knife, to another thing, such as a chopping board, through contact. You will learn how important every stage of food preparation is in terms of avoiding cross-contamination and how to both store food, and dispose of it in a way which minimises risk.
You will also learn the key rules of cleanliness: clearing away as you work, regularly cleaning work surfaces and washing up in the way which best reduces the chances of contamination.

4. Testing your learning

On completion of all of the above sections of the course you will take a 20-question multiple-choice test. You can then get a printed certificate to show you have completed the Food Safety and Hygiene, Level 1 training.