Key Features & Benefits of this Course

  • Course Duration: 20 minutes online
  • Compliant with COSHH 2002
  • Identify hazardous substances
  • Meaning of warning labels
  • Identifying and assess the risks
  • Multi Choice Test and Certificate
  • Bulk discounts available

This CoSHH programme covers identification and safe use of chemicals and hazardous substances in the workplace.

‘I found the COSHH course surprisingly informative and engaging, split into bite sized chunks it didn’t feel like it dragged on and on. The test section of 20 questions also meant that you actually need to listen and read all sections rather than skip pages and hope for the best at the end’.
Independent user review

Who is this for?
Anyone who works with chemicals or other harmful substances.
How long is the course?
20 minutes of interactive training

You will learn:

1. What is a hazardous substance?

You will learn which substances are considered to be hazardous, exactly what makes them dangerous and what action you can take to stay safe while working with them. You will also learn who is responsible for your safety around chemicals and harmful substances at work.

2. Know your warning Symbols

You will learn about the standard system, used by all fields of industry, for labelling and classifying chemicals and hazardous substances. You will learn to recognise at a glance how dangerous a substance from the symbol on its container.

3. Exactly what are you dealing with?

Different chemicals and substances carry different dangers to people and animals, and can also be seriously harmful to the environment. You will learn where to find the information about the risks of any hazardous substance and how to use, store, dispose of and transport chemicals and hazardous substances safely.

4. Why report an accident?

Recording any incident with a chemical or hazardous substance, however small, is vital to help everyone learn to improve safety. Likewise, health hazards should be reported as soon as you notice them.
You will learn what to do if there is a chemical spill or release of a noxious substance, and what to do in a medical emergency. You will also learn about what protective clothing you should have, and when to wear it.

5. Testing your learning

On completion of all of the above sections of the course you will take a 20-question multiple-choice test. You can then get a printed certificate to show you have completed the Noise Awareness training.