Manual Handling

Key Features & Benefits of this Course

  • Course Duration: 35 Minutes
  • Suitable for all employees
  • Compliant with Manual Handling Regulations (1992)
  • Multi Choice Test and Certificate
  • Bulk discounts available

This programme provides the required level of competency in the use of lifting aids, carrying and manual handling techniques.

‘As someone completely new to online training I found this very user friendly and the facts were delivered both clearly and effectively.’
Independent user review

Who is this for?
Anyone who lifts or carries heavy objects at work.
How long is the course?
30 minutes of interactive training

You will learn:

1. How to take care of your back

Do you understand how your spine works? You will learn all about how our backs are constituted and how easily they can sustain permanent injury if we use the wrong muscles for lifting and moving. We show you interviews with people who have suffered back injuries.  Most work related injuries are to backs, so learning the correct manual handling techniques is essential, as a specialist discusses.

2. Think before you lift

You will learn what to consider before just lifting or moving something on autopilot, and how most injuries occur because people forget to do this.

3. Lifting safely

You will learn the details of the correct way to lift or move heavy objects – from the floor, waist height, or from overhead, as well as when you are part of a team moving something.

4. Testing your learning

On completion of all of the above sections of the course you will take a 20-question multiple-choice test. You can then get a printed certificate to show you have completed the Manual Handling training.